Augmented Reality

Those nice folks over at have done it again. Not only do they offer great new media advertising products but they also run super cutting edge campaigns themselves!

Their latest campaign an AR game offers an exciting baloon popping game for all the family.

To play you will need to download the app for iPhone or Android (some lower end devices will not support this but Android Market will redirect you to the AR reader Junaio app instead so you won’t loose out! -- clever) and a copy of the print directory -- the 2011/2012 edition.

You simply open the app, press the AR button and hold your phone over the front cover of the book.

The middle image (houses, landscape, trees) unlocks the baloon game, the Imagine WiMax banner some V. funky AR in the form of a floating interractive island and the upper corner reveals a customer video!

There is a world of difference from this Directory and the old Golden Pages- it’s very exciting. I also found some AR ads throughout the book too, they carried an AR motif on them.

There are instructions on the back of the directory (inside) and the blog has lots of information too (tonnes actually).

Thumbs up -- we’re impressed! -- Plus we won some cool discount vouchers for SuperMac’s, Dublin Zoo, The National Wax Museum and Aviva Stadium Tour so we’re happy -- always good in January!

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